Graphic Design and DTP

Based on many years of experience in printing business we provide our customers with professional consultancy and assistance in preparation of prepress graphic designs and other necessary prepress materials.
We will double-check your graphic designs. Before the actual printing process starts, we will suggest necessary adjustments and corrections, if needed.

Graphic Design:
Adobe Creative Suite CS6 – Design Premium, Pitstop

Data processing, control and output from CTP plates, Acento 2E
Quality graphic design and prepress services are significant factors that play a key role in the final quality of printing output.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for help and we will:

  1. Check and test your graphic material in Adobe Creative Suite CS6. If the control finds any error, then we will consult it with you and if so preferred, we will also correct it. Once the graphic design is corrected we can prepare prepress documents for printing process.
  2. Based on your requirements, we can create a print template. We will process it into a graphic form and after its approval in the software Preps 5.3 we will prepare graphic materials for printing. Acento 2E converts graphic designs onto the metal master, which will be used in the final printing process.