3D printing service for marketing purpose

Even if you have the best product or service, to succeed in today’s market is really challenging. It is crowded, customers are spoiled and to get noticed, it is necessary to know how to take. For creatives is neccessary to look constantly for new ways to literally gain customer attention.

Advantages Of 3D Printing In Marketing

Novelty – 3D printing is still new for many people and interest-inspiring technology.
Speed – not only can quickly react to market needs, but also to the breakneck deadlines set by management. Production of small series of original promotional items tailored to customer requirements in record time.
Flexibility – Products are easy to adapt and adjust. Figurines of clients characters from games, advertising, films or objects of any shape 3D lettering.

What technology is best?

Our experience is in marketing, as in art, it is difficult to define precisely the appropriate technology. Everything depends on your creative skills and imagination.

Realistic miniature of your product, such as furniture or machinery has been verified as an excellent presentation tool. Easy to transport allows for unpacking your portfolio anywhere, at major exhibitions or directly at the client’s office. And as a gift it would please existing and also potential customers. Appropriate technology is inkjet powder – i.e 3D printing from sandstone ( muliticolor material), mainly due to full color realization, or SLA (photopolymer) through strength and flexibility.

Making busts or small figurines, whether of friends or ourselves were until recently a privilege especially sculptors. Today, thanks to 3D printing and 3D scanning is the amazing gift available to all. Appropriate technology is multicolor and not only because of possible full-color designs. Finalisation can help make a bust of the composite look like a realistic copy of the bust of plaster or stone. For single and durable characters FDM technology it is suitable for small models or entitled to detail is appropriate print SLA (photopolymer).